Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4 months....

Layla is 4 months old today.

It's very weird...before I had her, 4 months was never a significant portion of time. I could look 4 months back and see that my life was pretty much the same. Work drink sleep eat repeat.

But so much has changed that 4 months feels like forever.

People talk about how much your life changes when you have children. Well, I have the same apartment, same car, same job, same friends, same cat. So most things aren't very different. I think it's more that how you feel about life changes when you have children.

I think about her every second. Everything she does is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm so much more paranoid about things now. For instance, thunderstorms never scared me and they don't seem to bother her, but I can't help but think "Oh my god what if the building is hit by lightning!" everytime it starts to storm out.

4 months ago she was just this teeny tiny little bundle that I was almost afraid to unwrap. She didn't do anything but nurse and sleep and poop. She has grown so much since February. She interacts, with coos and laughter. She is so expressive, she makes the best faces and between that and her body language she can pretty much tell you exactly what's going on in her head. I can see her learning...her face when she is curious and inspecting something is just amazing.

How could all of that happen in just 4 months?


  1. Kids change everything. They give perspective, they teach us by their learning, they make us see what is really important. You're on an incredible journey, and it sounds like you're enjoying every minute of it.

  2. Awesome! being a mom is pretty awesome I have to agree :) Enjoy your little bundle every day