Tuesday, August 18, 2009

16 Weeks

Having weeks to go by is great, because it saves me the trouble of having to think up a clever title. Sometimes I just don't have one.

Well, I'm definitely showing now. Not in an "Oh my god you're huge" sort of way, but in the sort of way that if I lay down on my back that little bulge above my pubic bone doesn't flatten out. And other people are starting to be able to see it. Soooo...here it is.


I don't really know how I feel about it. Part of me thinks it's cute and exciting...and the other part of me thinks I just look fat(ter) and can't wait to get bigger. That's right, I said bigger. The theory here being that when I get bigger I'll actually look pregnant instead of just looking like I had a few too many twinkies.

I'm still at my pre-pregnancy weight, which my doctor was fine with once I convinced him that I am absolutely not starving myself. That helps. Other than the mixed feelings about the slight tummy, I'm actually feeling pretty good.

Had a bad start to the weekend. Friday night driving home from work, something just hit me. I don't know why, but I just started sobbing. It was horrible. But Shannon came out in the middle of the night and picked me up, and we laughed and talked and set up for her yard sale the next day. Played rummy all day while trying to convince people to buy her crap. We've come to the conclusion that she's my new baby daddy, so I feel better.

Got dressed up and went out Saturday night, which felt great. Got hit on a lot, which upped the spirits. Also, watching the reactions of would-be beau's when I tell them I'm knocked up is priceless.

Sunday went to the county fair with Team Fat Kid and the Spitfire crew to see the demolition derby. It was a long, hot day, and I was exhausted by the end, but it was fun. Hanging out with Gunner, who is 2, while his dad drove in the derby made my day. We learned that goats and horses are terrifying, but cows and sheep are not. Also, he asked me where "The Team" was and if he is a member, which made me laugh. Had him yelling "Hey Fat Kids!" and "Go team go!" which...well...let's hope he doesn't repeat at daycare.

Getting rid of the fleas tomorrow!!!!! (Hopefully) The flea chronicles have been an ongoing saga since the end of July. I have used carpet/upholstery powder. I have used spot on treatment for the cat. I have used a spray that you put on the carpet/upholstery AND the cat. Nothing kills them. The cat has been okay since the spray, but there is no spray for humans. My feet and ankles are covered in flea bites. The only safe haven is the bathroom (I keep the spray in there and the tile is white so I can see the fuckers coming). My house is a disaster area but a. I don't see the point in cleaning until I use the fogger, because I'll have to clean again, and b. I won't get out of the bathtub long enough to try.

So I finally found someone who doesn't have animals of their own to take the cat overnight. (In case of one or two errant fleas). I have to give him a bath tomorrow, treat him again, and then take him over so I can set the foggers while I'm at work. And then cross my fingers and pray that it works because otherwise I will have to give up and move.

Oh...and Matt has now accused me of sleeping with random guys and "fucking up our kid". I haven't seen anybody but him naked in over a year....so I think it has to do with guilt more than anything. I'm guessing he's approaching this from an STD standpoint, as the child is still in utero and I can't really provide a bad example yet.

I think I'll send him the bill for the STD scan I got after I found out he was whoring around. (It came up clean.)


  1. Your Belly is so cute! Glad you had a good time getting all pretty to go out!

  2. *sighs*

    Dude. I am so sorry that you're going through this. I remember this being just awful. Someday, you'll look back at this as one of the worst times of your life and knowing that you got through it will make you realize that you can do ANYTHING.


  3. Look at your tummy! I can for sure tell that is a pregnant belly and not a 'i don't stop eating' belly.