Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stop being such a turd.

I originally started this blog because I wanted to have fun. I wanted to write Dave Barry-esque blog entries about my ridiculous exploits as a pregnant chick in Cleveland, with the most awesome and outrageous friends and family imaginable.

But then...Nothing. Happened. Okay, except for the whole ass bleeding thing a couple of months ago, but that's IT. I didn't have morning sickness. I haven't gained 20 zillion pounds. I have like, one stretch mark, and I think it might be from before. I'm sure weird, gross things will happen eventually. But in the meantime there isn't anything to make fun of myself about.

So I get on here and I write about my feelings. How pathetic is that? I'm sure I could find some way to word my feelings so they would be more funny and accessible. I mean, wanting to punch people in the throat for telling me I'm pretty is funny, right?

I need to stop being such a turd.

1 comment:

  1. Don't start hating on your blog just because . . . because. . . well I don't know why you're hating, but knock it off.

    I like reading this, and it _is_ funny and accessible. Even the Turdiness