Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How did this happen?

Soooo....I have a boyfriend now.

And, NO, it is not my daughter's father. I wouldn't take him back if you paid me.

Never, ever, ever, in a zillion years, did I think I'd be dating someone this quickly. But we've been friends for years...and it's not like Matt and I just broke up recently. So...yeah.

Most mind blowing thing so far? He changes diapers.

I don't ask him to. He just does it. He will also take the baby from me to give her a bottle or play with her. Holy crap, dude. Totally not his job, but he says he's happy to do it. Leaves me speechless every time.

Matt came by Sunday to see the baby for the first time in a month. It was awkward, but he was nice. (Although, for the record, he tried to get out of changing any more than one diaper. Really, dude? You're her FATHER.) I forbade him to talk to me about anything but the kiddo...if anything else had been discussed I'd have been forced to rip him a new one, which would have upset both of us and therefore, the baby. Bottom line? He fucked up hardcore, but it's over and done with. Moving on.

Layla was 3 months on the 2nd. We had photos done at Wally World, and they turned out really cute. I find myself annoyed, however, that I can't steal the photos from their online store like I can with Sears. Walmart printed words over my baby's face to prevent me from doing this. WTF? I shouldn't be so pissed - yes, I can totally steal the images from the Sears site but it costs twice as much to have pictures done there, and the girl at Sears was not nearly as patient with us.

Happy Cinco De Mayo, people. Last year I got drunk. This year I'm the only one taking care of a small baby, so I'm thinking that instead of tequila, I'll celebrate with Taco Bell on my way home.


  1. He sounds like a great guy, and if he's willing to include your daughter in the mix, even better for both of you.

    Have you expounded on the situation with Layla's father before? Link?