Monday, September 14, 2009

20 weeks

It's very strange to think that my pregnancy is halfway over, when it's only recently started to become real to me.

She kicks me. Constantly. Sometimes it makes me smile that I can feel my daughter in there moving around. Other times it sort of creeps me out. I mean, my daughter is in there. Moving around. It's hard to explain why it's sort of creepy. But when I can feel her move she's not just a concept anymore I guess. People descibe feeling the baby move as different things - to me it feels like exactly what it is. Someone trying to get comfortable in a very small space.

I feel like I'm growing by the minute. And I keep catching myself doing very cliche pregnant things already - like walking around with a hand pressed to the small of my back.

Matt came up again for the weekend and we started my registry at Babies R Us. The big stuff was easy, but once we got into the little stuff it got overwhelming. I'll have to go back with a mom friend, because for the most part I was looking at this list of stuff they claim I need going "but WHY? What does it DO?"

Also, why do I need a pack and play, a full size swing, a travel swing, a crib, a cradle, and a bassinet?? I live in a 1 bedroom apartment. The crib is going in my bedroom. 2 feet from my bed. I could see MAYBE a bassinet if I had more bedrooms. Or if I lived in a 2 story home. But the amount of stuff they claim you need is ridiculous. I know they just want to make money. I know it's all marketing. But really? A crib and a cradle and a bassinet? No.

I think for now I'll manage my registry online. Hopefully it will cut down on the panic attacks.


  1. I do not see a need for all that a crib should do and if you go places a lot a pack and play but otherwise I think I have used my pack and play a total of 3 times with 2 kids. I actually hated registering, but everyone is different.

  2. Sharing your body cavity with another person is totally weird. You don't need all the stuff, trust me. Email me if you want to chat about baby stuff.