Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2nd Trimester

My pants have not been buttoned in about a week and I'm okay with that. I have an awesome contraption made out of cotton and spandex called the belly band, and it's basically the bottom half of a shirt. It covers the fact that my pants are not buttoned in a highly fashionable way. I don't think I'll ever button my pants again, as long as these things are available.

Supposedly I'm going to feel more energized soon. Maybe instead of napping on the couch I'll have the energy to go somewhere else and nap. Sleeping under trees is good. Apparently, sleeping in bed is not so good. I can't seem to sleep at night and I can't stay awake during the day. It makes me want to throw things and cry. Sometimes I do throw things and cry, and that helps.

My mini vacation was good. I spent most of it helping Marie prepare for the wedding, as intended. So there wasn't a whole lot of relaxation, but at least there wasn't any frantic running back and forth from work, trying to get things done and failing miserably. Went to the zoo with Shannon and the kids last Wednesday. Between helping to run herd on the infant, the toddler, and also helping Shannon's mom get around, I think I got my exercise for the next month. Then, wedding prep, loading and unloading vehicles, shopping, and dancing the night away at the big event... I'm wiped. I'm also good on being social for the next little while. I just want to chill out by myself and read.

Going to the doctor tomorrow for my monthly. I don't know what he's gonna do except root around in my nether regions and tell me if everything looks normal. Probably order a whole bunch more blood work so I can go back to the hospital and let them torture me. (Yes, I finally went. They wanted six vials of blood. SIX! And a nurse made fun of me for my needle fear. Because I have tattoos. How many times to I have to explain that tattoos don't go in your veins??)

Will post again if anything weird happens.

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