Friday, July 10, 2009

Total Lack of Concentration

What a week. My mom made it here safely on Wednesday, and we've been having fun hanging out. I always forget how fun and funny she is. Awesome.

I've been soooo tired this week. And I cannot seem to concentrate on anything. I'm resolving to be more focused next week. For now, thank heaven it's the weekend.

Going shopping tomorrow - I've been culling inspiration for quick, healthy meals from a bunch of places. I'm excited to make black bean chili tomorrow. Also tomorrow I am going out with mom to hang out with the gang at Nolans, and visit with my uncles. I'll have a cran and sprite, please.

Missing Team Fat Kid and the Spitfire crowd. Unless it's a show though, I just can't go in there and deal with the smoke and the beer. It makes me want those things and I cant have them.

Cant wait for Marie and Ringo's wedding. Since stepping in as last minute MOH I don't feel like I've done enough, though. I know Marie isn't mad at me, but I feel sure I should be doing something else. Bachelorette party next weekend!!! Woot!!! I'm excited.

I'm also excited to go get my outfit for the wedding. The polka dot halter dress just ain't gonna middle has expanded ever so slightly and there isn't any room in there. So I'm gonna hit The Mission for this awesome Lucky 13 halter top I saw on the website, and pair it with my stretchy pencil skirt. All black is better anyway.

Baby has fingers and toes this week!!! Sweet!

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